“I really think we will emerge from the Coronavirus crisis with an enhanced reputation. No practice our size could be giving the service we have. Thanks to the back-up of the Support Centre I would say we have given unrivalled service to our clients. I would be amazed if any other accountancy organisation has got anywhere close to delivering what they have over the past few months!” – Michael Sandys, Walkinstown

Earning Potential

People join us with very different aspirations and we work with each of our franchisees

We work both on creating your initial business plans and supporting you in achieving it.

You will be asking yourself what can be achieved both in terms of turnover and profitability.

This is really down to you but we want you to build up your turnover and profits consistently, aiming after 5 years for a turnover of €300,000 plus.

Our training covers the staffing requirements for your business and we expect a third of your turnover to cover staff costs, another third to cover the other costs associated with running your business and the final third being your profit.

After 5 years some franchisees are happy to maintain this level, comfortable with both the income generated and being relatively light touch on the business whilst other franchisees continue to work full time on the business pushing it past the €300,000 turnover level.

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*All financial information on this website, with the exception of any financial information in the international section, is intended only for prospective franchisees in the Republic of Ireland (ROI). This information is based on actual historic information provided to us by our operating franchisees in ROI, and not elsewhere. Accordingly, if you are considering operating a TaxAssist franchise in any other country, do not review or rely on this information. It relates to ROI only, and the differences between the ROI and your country in respect of how long the system has been operating, the reputation and goodwill of the brand, the economic environment, competitors, industry associations and other factors make this ROI information inapplicable to you. If we have elected to provide financial information for your country, it will be expressly set out in the international section.

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