After a busy 18 months of updates, this month, TaxAssist launched a free, consolidated, guide that brings together all of the remaining Covid supports. The document acts as a practical checklist for business owners who want to ask themselves; am I still getting all the supports I could be getting?

The launch of this guide was picked up by dozens of publications across Ireland giving great press coverage to TaxAssist’s network of franchisees.

Speaking about the guide, Managing Director of TaxAssist Accountants, Alison McGinley, said ‘We have produced dozens of pieces of useful content for our franchisees and their clients during the Pandemic and this was a way to pull all of this together. Content like this is really important in our marketing strategy and franchisees get pieces like this regularly. They can focus on their work knowing that as and when there is information they need to pass on they will receive it in a simple, concise format. We know that clients have been so worried over the last year and a half and they value the support we are giving them’.

The guide is available to download for free online at and is available via TaxAssist’s app.

To read more about TaxAssist Accountants approach to marketing click here.

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