As well as continuous training throughout the year, twice a year, the entire TaxAssist network gets together in person for a full day. These meetings are a chance for franchisees to share best practice together and to plan for the future.  

Summer 2019’s event focused a lot on the recent roll out of TaxAssist’s national partnership with the automation tool, Receipt Bank. Franchisees discussed getting the practicalities of getting Receipt Bank up and running in their practices, how they are training staff and clients and the productivity savings they are seeing coming through from the adoption of this tool.

The day included a panel discussion, breakout groups and presentations from the support centre. As well as group discussion, several new tools were introduced by the support team to help franchisees manage and grow their businesses such as a TaxAssist branded text messaging service and new digital signage for shopfront displays. 

Speaking about the event, Managing Director Alison McGinley said ‘Being part of a network is hugely important to our franchisees. Becoming self-employed can be lonely at times and it is difficult to always stay on top of new developments in the industry when you are a sole practioner. These meetings give our franchisees a chance to talk things through with their peers, plan for the next few months and to take hints and tips on things that are working well in other offices back to their own for implementation’.

On the support they get McGinley went on to say ‘We get out to see our franchisees regularly in their own offices but at these big events, franchisees hear from the team at the support centre on industry trends and future plans for the brand. There is a lot of power in being part of a group both in terms of sharing ideas and indeed in group buying power – the deal we have secured with Receipt Bank being a perfect example’.  

Anyone interested in joining the TaxAssist Accountants network in Ireland should contact us on 01 854 0662.


June 2019

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